Key Pivcon Management Platform Benefits

  • A hybrid approach providing VDI virtualization management and image building benefits while maintaining native hardware performance and capabilities.
  • Supports multiple images per computer, limited only by disk space.
  • Peer-to-peer image distribution provides speed and reliability.
  • Minimal server requirements: One small server can easily handle more than 2000 clients.
  • On gigabit networks, typical image deployment times will achieve 4-6 GB/minute from up to 8 computers to hundreds of computers running at the same time.  Post-deployment processes are done locally with virtually no impact on the network or servers.
  • No multicast necessary.  Peer-to-peer technology relies on easy to support, unicast technologies. Network engineering staff is rarely needed to run PMP.
  • Images may be optionally stored and deployed in a compressed format to reduce distribution times.
  • Supports remote boot.
  • Powerful supervisor is installed on each computer providing a powerful management platform.
  • Super-fast image rebuilds and supervisor rebuilds, which undo any student changes using virtual differencing disks, even with native VHD boot.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1 Native VHD Support.
  • Leverages virtualization technology and hardware independence.
  • Detailed hardware inventory collection.
  • Allows staff to use freely-available, open source virtualization software to create images.
  • Unparalleled support - you work directly with a team of dedicated engineers with over 20 years of experience managing computers in educational institutions.

Designed and Built for Educational Institutions


  • Minimal hardware and network requirements
  • High reliability and scalability
  • Multiple Images per computer
  • Fast and reliable image distribution
  • Powerful management features
  • Automatic hardware inventory collection
  • Native performance with virtualization benefits
  • Clients fully functional when disconnected from the network