Streamlining business

We go beyond mobile devices, web applications, support, and desktop software. Pivcon leverage's its employees' vast experience to seamlessly offer all of the aforementioned, alongside deep integration services, workflow automation, infrastructure design, legacy systems migration, and heavy weight server applications. We run the full gamut; and in turn, you reap full reward.

Pivcon provides the data warehouse needed to capitalize on the wealth of financial records your POS system generates.

We provide the API and secure transport mechanism for the medical data your imaging systems produce in hospitals and research facilities around the world.

We deliver the AMPQ system necessary for scaling the messaging service to meet the needs of your online productivity sales suite.

We produce the front-end interface for communicating with your embedded devices.

We write and re-write the legacy back-end that intuitive user interface communicates with, and the mobile application you are dreaming of at night.

Most importantly, we give you the power to focus on your product.


Manifesting your vision

In your business experience…

Where you have seen services that existing software fails to offer, we will provide you with new and innovative ideas that are tailored to your individual needs.

Where you have seen abilities unmet by overpriced offerings, we see an opportunity to provide you with the results you desire, along with extremely affordable pricing options impossible to ignore.

Where you dream of profit and opportunity for the creation of a new mobile application, we see a way to turn that dream into a reality.

Where you see ways to increase efficiency, and thus increase the opportunity to consolidate hardware, we are the opportunity that will make it happen.

And finally, when you see that one chance, your one shot, to pull even further ahead of the competition, we dedicate ourselves to you, and ensure that will take place.


Development overflow

You run a successful software development team that encounters requirements that distract you from your core focus. You need not sacrifice momentum with laborious re-training outside the problem domains your team has already mastered.