A Concrete Foundation

Pivcon was founded to fill a common void. Businesses today must evolve with the IT industry in order to maintain a competitive position. That void is any company's ability to keep pace with technological change while maintaining full focus on their own industry. In effect, Pivcon allows businesses to maintain and increase their focus on what they know best: their own business. Pivcon sets itself apart from competition in its ability to understand the unique business needs of its customers in relation to the technology necessary for their business to thrive.

While all Pivcon Solution Engineers specialize in unique areas, the decisive factor supporting any hire is an individual's proven ability to cover a diverse range of tasks. All engineers must demonstrate ability to cover the specific technological, analytical, and communication needs of all existing and potential projects. Customer satisfaction is their primary concern. All employees have contributed to a support role early on in their careers that has in turn had a lasting impact on how they approach problems.



  • Founded in 2002 as Pivotal Connections, LLC.
  • In 2009, Reorganized as Pivcon, Inc.
  • Fully Insured
  • You work directly with your engineers.  You always have two assigned to your account, and you have your engineer's direct contact information.