Software Development

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At its core, Pivcon is a Solutions Engineering company.  All of our engineers are solid computer programmers, who know a significant number of programming languages, frameworks, and related technologies. With over 15 years experience programming in both functional and object oriented environments, we can assist you with any development project. We have broad experience with both interpreted and compiled languages, including the majority of today's most popular development environments. We can work independently on your project or as part of an established team. From small-targeted rapid-development projects, to broader large-scale enterprise applications, we can provide the assistance you need.

Web Development

We will design and develop web-based applications in order to take your public, intranet, or B2B web site to the next level. Additionally, if you have an existing web site and are experiencing problems with it, or need to make some modifications, we can tackle that too. Our areas of expertise include Apache and IIS based web sites, running ASP.Net, ASP, LAMP, PHP, or Perl.

Web Service Development (SOAP/RESTful)

Do you need a SOAP/XML, RESTful, or other Web based API for your product or project?  We can design the client or the server end, and incorporate interfacing with upstream databases and/or messaging systems.

Workflow Automation

The solution that Pivcon will provide minimizes your recurring labor and IT expenses for new business initiatives. In order to reduce the costs involved with an everyday workload, we have mastered analyzing and executing business workflows, and strive to outshine the competition when developing your personalized solutions. We have gained an ongoing, positive rapport with our clients, and have helped to significantly expand their business and profits, with little to no additional staffing expenses. Give us a call. We can drastically improve your business efficiency.

Database Applications

Pivcon has continuously implemented and improved dozens of enterprise scaling database applications for our current clients. We work with numerous back-end SQL products, including all of today's most popular database engines such as Oracle, MS SQL, MSDE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Firebird. If you have an existing Access MDB application that is not scaling properly, we can help you migrate it to an SQL based back-end, or to a web or windows based client. Common front-ends include web based, Windows based .Net WinForms based applications, or Linux based Qt based applications. Web based front-ends may leverage various technologies including PHP, ASP.Net, Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, SharePoint services, as well as additional web based presentation systems.


Many of our clients have environments that consist of a variety of operating systems, and application scripts, all which will accomplish various workflow and maintenance tasks. Because of the experience Pivcon has supporting a wide variety of platforms, we can enhance, or fix your existing scripted environment. We can help you with any of the common scripting languages, including sh/csh/bash/ksh, Perl, PowerShell, KIX, CMD, BAT, Python, DCL, and Windows batch

If you do not see the scripting language you use, call us. Chances are we have worked with something similar before, and we would like to explore the options that we can offer you.


Example: Comprehensive Systems

We have developed numerous comprehensive solutions involving the complete stack of components found in n-tier enterprise solutions.


  • Front-end web interfaces (public)
  • Front-end web interfaces (private, authenticated)
  • Mobile Device front-ends (iPhone, android, Windows Mobile, Scanners)
  • Full desktop applications
  • Middleware
  • Web Services (SOAP, REST)
  • Remoting
  • Brokers
  • Database Abstraction Layers
  • Messagng Services (RabbitMQ, AQMP)


  • Enterprise Database Systems
  • File Based Systems
  • State Machines