Small Business Services

Our team is dedicated to working with you, and your budget, to help you meet the technology needs of your growing company by providing reliable solutions custom tailored for your company.

No rigid pre-packaged solutions here.  The core of our business is not the reselling of hardware or software.  We partner with a number of different vendors to provide you with a one-stop-shop technology provider. Because of this, we start with off the shelf packages and then design and implement the pieces that are needed to make it a comprehensive solution, to meets your company's technology needs. Its personally customized and carefully crafted to ensure thriving success for you, and your business.

Your Pivcon engineers are hand selected for your project, and are readily available to work directly with you regardless of how large or small the issue.  Generic call centers are non-existent at Pivcon. You have direct access to your engineers who are already armed with the understanding of your companies needs to provide swift resolutions.


Example: Shipping Systems

Shipping System Integrations (UPS, FedEx, USPS)

  • Integrating web or internal ERP/Accounting programs such that they print packing slips with bar codes that can be scanned at shipping computers, so all the address and/or customs invoice information is automatically brought in.
  • Also, doing the reverse integration, such as having tracking information flow back to the ERP/Accounting/Web systems. This information is then used to:
  • Send "Your package has shipped" e-mails to customers with tracking information.
  • Provide order-tracking history within the Accounting/ERP/Website.
  • Provide for consolidated reports across all shippers, such as total ship volume, average ship time, etc.

We are dedicated to your success, because your success is our success.



Example: Accounting Integration

Accounting System Integrations (Quickbooks, Dynamics)

Your accounting system holds all your key financial information.  There is a high probability that either some data is either being manually entered based on data from another system or web site, or you are manually pulling data from the accounting system to enter into a different system.   We can automate these tasks and write software to glue the two separate systems together recouping for you a significant amount of staff labor to focus on other tasks. We provide:

  • Inventory Updates/Adjustments
  • Order Entries
  • Order Extraction
  • GL Entries
  • Transactional Entries