Pivcon completes complicated on-premise to AWS migration of large custom enterprise application

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Pivcon recently completed a large AWS migration which consisted of both a AWS migration and a infrastructure and operating system upgrade of many large line of business applications for a Pivcon customer.   This project was especially challenging as many of the line of business applications were in-house, custom developed applications using technology stacks dating back to early 2000's which had prevented the customer from updating their opertating systems due to dependency issues, and the fact that the old line of business applications required DotNet 1.1 which is not supported on newer versions of windows.

Pivcon isolated every component the Customer required going forward for business opearations, and also identified the components no longer used in an effort to only focus on migration of needed components.  After this was completed, a thorough review of the interdepencies of every component of their applications was completed.  Based on this information, Pivcon upgraded components were possible, and in other cases, used our in-house software development team to update components to newer technology stacks by updating code, architecture, etc, to achive the same function on more modern technology stack.  Where this was not possible, or cost prohibitive, Pivcon isolated those components and kept them in their older environment, but improved security and removed everything else that was possible and recommended the base application be upgraded to a newer version when funding allowed for it.

Pivcon also upgraded the remote desktop environment for all employees and updated desktop applications to the latest versions while minimize disruptions to day to day operations.   Pivcon performed all data migrations, EDI migrations, commerce/network relationshipships with other trading parters, keeping business data and transactions flowing.