Brett ThompsonPresident
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Brett has over 20 years' experience developing and managing Information Technology solutions.  He has held positions of CIO (Chief Information Officer) at a large national distributor of retail products, Director of Network Systems and Applications Development at one of the country's leading and larger Community Colleges, and Systems Engineer at a top local software development company.  In these roles he has been lead project manager, software engineer, analyst, system engineer, storage engineer, network engineer.  

The experience gained in academia where IT projects run the gamut (e.g. physics, geology, chemistry, student registration, financial systems, mathematics, automotive technology, HVAC, Tooling/Machining, audio and video production studios, high volume print shops, optical/mechanical/electrical engineering, and nursing to name a few) provided a great sandbox to learn his craft at providing custom information technology solutions, for a wide range of disciplines.  Accordingly, Brett has been professionally consulting since 1996 and formed Pivotal Connections LLC in 2002 as his consultancy projects grew.  In 2008, after missing the variety of work of academia yet still loving the challenge of business and entrepreneurial pursuits, he decided to return to professional consulting, but this time as his primary focus.  In 2008, the first employees were hired, and in 2009, Pivcon Inc. was formed for this new endeavor.

Brett brings his strong experience in all areas of information technology.  He believes that by having a deep technical understanding and 20 years of practical real-world experience in each of the pillars of Information Technology, including Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems, Networks, and Databases, he is well positioned to analyze, design, and support comprehensive IT solutions.


Richard GrakowskySenior IT Solution Engineer
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With 15 years of information technology experience, Rick's career spans to everything from designing and developing automated desktop management solutions, to enterprise-class system management, to desktop and web application development.  Rick brings with him IT experience in both the educational and retail industries, providing him with the unique insight into how to serve and satisfy the needs of Pivcon's customers. His varied skill set has been put to good use at Pivcon, as he is responsible for designing and implementing solutions in a number of areas, including custom application development, system administration, database design, data integration and business intelligence solutions.