Founded in 2002, originally as Pivotal Connections LLC, Pivcon Inc began as the outgrowth of 12 years of Brett Thompson's wide and varied experience.  His experience began on the IT ground floor in 1989. From the ground floor, Brett worked his way up to System Engineer, Manager, Assistant and Associate Director, Director of Network Systems and Applications Development at Monroe Community College, one of the nations best and larger Community Colleges, and rapidly reached the ultimate position of CIO at a $100M retail distribution company. His work throughout his previous professional work span covered a wide range of platforms, stretching from support, design, development, and management, to budgeting, and strategic planning. From 1989 to 2002 the IT landscape had undergone radical transformation at a historically unprecedented pace, a pace that has only accelerated since. Pivcon's foundation begins with Brett's experience, and proven record of maintaining positions at the forefront of the industries in constant flux.

Brett was in high demand as an independent consultant, and was immediately able to lift Pivcon off the ground as a profitable venture. Success was viral as his reputation for excellence spread between contacts and corporations. Understanding solutions from the level of support, implementation, budgeting, maintenance, security, and regulatory compliance in the context of diverse business needs, is the core of what IT consulting services must achieve. Brett delivered and saw a natural opportunity for entrepreneurship. Thus, as business expanded, the logical progression was to incorporate and build a team capable of expanding his capacity to deliver solutions.